Monument of Greed (Demo)

by Extirpate

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Being of Metal Brutal vocals, raw drums, and skull crushing riffs to melt your brain, what else is needed? Favorite track: Apocalyptic Bloodbath.
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Our demo of Monument of Greed. Featuring 3 tracks that will later be on the full length (more info coming soon). Please enjoy the tracks, if we get good feedback we may put it up for download either for free or a small fee. You can also order a hardcopy by sending us an email at or contacting us via Facebook at


released November 22, 2012

All Songs and Lyrics written by Nicasio Subia and Steven Reschert, bass parts written and played by Tyler Hawkins. Engineered and produced by Matt Thomas of Hazmatt Recordings in Sacramento, CA.



all rights reserved


Extirpate Sacramento, California

Extirpate is a 5 piece metal band out the Sacramento, CA area. Ranging in a lot of different styles including, Thrash, Black, Death and even some technical metal. Many will hear different influences but Extirpate truly has their own sound, which is definitely a refreshing taste in a world full of generic mediocre metal where looks seem to be more important. ... more

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Track Name: Modern God Hallucination
The day of our reckoning draws near.

as myths and fokelore come true

The beleivers and followers shed tears

Cleansing of man ensue.

Once only heard in stories.

breaking our moral fibers

our kingdon and domain become quarries

we all thought the prophets were liars

As the stars fall from our skies

we gaze in disbelief

is this the final place we will lie?

what is this beings motif.

Bringer of death and destruction.

We all bow to you.

Rise up and finish the instruction.

Turn us all cold and blue.

Itzamna creator of our realm.

bring us into darkness

the thoughts only overwhelm

Lead us into the abyss

He controlls our fate now

nothing more we can do

Treated like a slaughtered cow

our final hours, bid adieu.
Track Name: Apocalyptic Bloodbath
Disease ridden corpses, scattered about the land

An apocalyptic bloodbath, brought on by our own hands

Putrid stench of rotting flesh, permeates the skies

While cadavers are fed upon by maggots and flies

Eyeing the blood red tide as it washes upon the shore

Ravaged by hunger and inconceivable horror

Biting into limbs like a lioness feeding kin

Based by instinct, no conscience nor morality

Peeling everything away starting with skin

Basting in fluids working maniacally

Walking blindly, scavenging for entrails

No control of the urge to feed

Tearing them apart limb from limb

As their lifeless bodies bleed

Discerning prophecies so carelessly left ignored

Humanity once know never again shall be restored

A slaughtered will and ungodly defiance

Gorging on the fallen and feasting in silence

For now we walk this decrepit and dark earth

Lingering now in cannibalistic rebirth

Bathing in the blood of the so called innocence

Attempting to repress this cognitive dissonance

Blinded by this curse, corroding civil virtue

With nothing left but chaos to pursue

(back to chorus)
Track Name: Return of the Annunaki
Gazing forth in awe as salvation arrives,

Will we be saved in these most hellish of times?

Many mocked their existence, the creators of this life.

Scriptures all but literal, the truth you're soon to find,

Hailing from Nibiru, the Annunaki rise.

They bring with their arrival the fate of human kind.

Closedminded masses flee and tremble with fright.

The time has finally come to learn the meaning of our lives.

A knowledge so great, by their rule we shall abide.

They visited Earth repeatedly throughout time,

Speaking to only a choice few, in their mystery we did confide.

Most of humanity chose to remain blind,

From these civilizations, our mortal 'leaders' from us did hide.

Ancient prophecies foretold of their return

Humanity's creators, we still have yet to learn.